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Frequently Ask Question?

1. What is the difference between your service and buying a suit at a local store or mall?

Buying clothes from us gives you the option of having your formal wear made to satisfy your detailed size and style preferences. You get to try on a draft version of your suit and tell us how you want it to fit before we finish it. Style and fashion advice from our experts comes with the package.

2. What items can I order online?

Suits, Shirts, Vests, Overcoats, Tuxedos, Sports Jackets, Blazers, Trousers are all available for ordering online.

3. Where is the clothing made?

All of our clothing is hand crafted by our specialists inside our very own workshops in Bangkok.

4. Is it possible to order different styles for my items?

Yes, that is the privilege of buying Custom Made Clothing. You can choose any of the provided styles for any clothing order.

5. How many different types of fabrics are available?

We hold over 2,000 different kinds of fabrics.

6. How often are new fabrics available?

Every couple of months new fabrics come in from around the globe, We only select the best ones to use.

7. Is it possible to order different colored cuffs or collars?

Yes, any color can be chosen for collars and cuffs. In fact that is a very elegant look in the contemporary fashion world.